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RAGNAR Relay – Arizona 2012

So, my neighbor is a complete animal.  Not only did he run the Tough Mudder and the Spartan Race, he just completed the RAGNAR Del Sol 2012 relay race.  Check out his guest post:

Ragnar Relay Race 2012: What is it? A 200 mile relay team race starting in Wickenberg AZ ending in Tempe.  12 runners, 2 vans, 2 days, each doing 3 runs(ranging 3-9 miles), music, protein bars, no sleep…basically a 30 hour party. Van#1:Jaron(me) & Meg, Cody & Michelle, Will & April.




Our start time in Wickenberg on Friday was 12 o’clock noon.  Teams’ start times range from 7AM to noon, depending on how fast the team is expected to finish.  Basically, our speedy team passed teams that started running 5 hours earlier.






And our first runner is off. Michelle set the tone with a crazy fast 7. 5 mile run with some sick hills.





My bride, Meg, showed incredible heart on her first 7 mile leg in the middle of the hot afternoon. This girl stayed right behind her at this same distance for 5 straight miles trying to pass.  Not to be, Meg dusted her on the last mile and beat her by a ¼ mile. My girl has mad running skills.




Start of my first 6.5 leg. I’ve gone from couch to pavement in a 6 month period.  Prior to August 2011, I had never run more than 2 miles without stopping.  I had zero interest. In my view, running was a sport for those who lacked athletic talent.  My lil’ sis challenged me to run the 10 K Turkey Trot, and the rest is history.  I now love the feeling of early morning runs, pushing myself to do things I didn’t think possible. I finished the leg at a pace just under 8 minutes.

Getting support from the team along the way.  Nice pic, Michelle. (Nice to have a photographer on your Ragnar team.)   The van follows the runner and stops periodically to cheer on the runner or give water.

Passing off the orange baton bracelet to April.



These hottie brides quickly became rockstars on the race path.   Their costumes, speed and good looks made for many cheers and requests for photo ops at the exchange points.   I sense it was demoralizing for many seasoned runners to be passed by a chick in a wedding dress.






Meg, following the Ragnar safety protocol to cross the highway to pass off a water bottle to a team member.





Van #1 stopping along the way.  Our ironman, Cody, brought his tri-bike along so he could fit in a training ride. I guess running 20 miles in less than 24 hours was not good enough for this stud.




After passing the baton off to Van #2, we took advantage of our 4 hour break by first hitting up a Chipotle in Buckeye for grub.  This food choice seemed destined to backfire as the combo of beans, running and a minivan is not highly advisable.  After dinner we found a nearby theatre and  laughed repeatedly in “This Means War”. A few of us sweaty, stinky guys decided to keep on our stylish reflective vests.




Getting ready for our midnight runs.





Scene before my 2nd leg start. Pretty odd to see a multitude of crazy peeps freezing cold in the middle of the night getting ready to run 6 miles.  Running with a head lamp in the middle of nowhere under a starry sky was pretty cool.


One of the best parts of Ragnar is keeping track of kills (passing a runner from a different team). Our van finished with 150 kills. My personal best was 12 kills on leg 2. Thankfully nobody could claim me as a kill in any of my 3 legs.



Ragnar rules dictate that any runner on the course between 5 PM and 9AM needs to have headlamps and reflective vests on.  Pretty bizarre to start a run at 8AM with this gear, but rules are rules.


Finishing my last leg getting congrats from my bride.  I didn’t feel winded but my legs were begging to stop.





April provided many a laugh with her dancing skills at an exchange point.  Thanks to the groovy dude in the pic with the disco boom box for supplying the tunes.





At the finish line at Tempe Town Lake the brides met a true bride. 

Team Newlywed crossing the finish line together.   Emily pushed herself so hard in her first run that she developed a bad hip flexor strain.  She was a trooper to the end.




Our team finished 3rd out of 200 teams in our age group.  We all exceeded our individual goals.






Wanna join us in 2013?



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