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Warrior Dash – Arizona

warrior_dash_logo1They claim to be “The World’s Largest Running Series”.  That’s a pretty big claim, but as popular as the sport of obstacle racing is becoming, they just might be.  The Warrior Dash is a 5K obstacle race that includes walls, cargo nets, water, fire and of course MUD!  As far as obstacle races go, the Warrior Dash is a fun and challenging run for people at all fitness levels.  The obstacles are not difficult but may put some just outside their comfort zone.  Since it is a timed a event, you can push yourself as hard as you want for bragging rights.  It seems to me that most people are there for an excuse to run in the mud.

I’ve run a few obstacle races this last year but this time I got to run with my co-workers.  Go Daddy Inc. sponsored a small team of brave (and slightly crazy) folks  to get out and get active.  We met about 45 minutes before our start time to go over  the race strategy.  The plan was basically  1) Run fast  2) Don’t die  3) Meet up at the finishline.

Once the horn sounded, we were off and running! It was a good half mile until we reached the first obstacle which was kinda nice since it allowed our starting group of 500 people to string out.  Some of the Go Daddy Warriors stuck together up to this point.  Afterwards, everyone found their own pace, settled in and ran their own race.  I did my best to video the event with my GoPro camera and tried to include as many of my teammates as possible.  Some of them were just too fast!

We ran…warrioir_dash_running1

We climbed…warrioir_dash_cargo_net


…and climbed…


 …we traversed…


…and then crawled through the mud!!!



After the race we all met up for pictures, laughs and cold beverages.



What a great way to spend a Saturday!  For some of my co-workers this was their first obstacle race, and I’m pretty sure they’re hooked.  This sure beats running down a hot city street in your normal 5k running events.  It’s fun to mix it up and challenge yourself to see what you’re made of.  This Go Daddy team gave 110% and had a blast doing it.  Events like this is exactly what Type Two Fun is all about.

Check out the video to see us in action!

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