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Rugged Maniac – Arizona


I’m back!  This is my first mud run since last year, and a lot has happened since then.  The main obstacle for me was foot surgery.  It was inevitable, as I had bone fragments in my toe joint and all kinds of misalignment to the point where I’d worn the cartilage down to the bone. The bad news was that I’d be out of commission for awhile, limping around in a walking-boot for six weeks followed by several more weeks of torture physical therapy.  The good news? I had an amazing doctor/surgeon.  I’ve known Randy since junior high school.  I’d never been put under anesthesia, and if I was going to let anyone cut/grind/insert screws or staples in me, it would be Randy.  My main goal was to get through this and be ready for the Rugged Maniac mud run in November.  Randy did an amazing job of putting me back together, and the folks at Physiotherapy Associates quickly got me back on track.  So after three and a half months, I was race ready!  (Not going to set any records, but I was going to finish.)

During my doctor appointments, I could see how interested Randy was in obstacle racing and pushing himself to see what he was made of.  We talked Tough Mudder and Spartan Race, etc.  Then all on his own, he signed up for the Rugged Maniac!  I was very excited to be running with a first-timer!

Like most of these insane mud races, it was filled with crazy people.  Some of them in shorts, some in spandex and several in costumes!


Not sure exactly what we were, but Randy brought these sweet hat/helmets and awesome goggles!  We were like celebrities with everyone asking to take pictures with us.




To tell you the truth I was a bit nervous for this run.  I had a very short time where I was allowed to start running and had just barely worked up to a 3 mile run.  I knew I was not in great condition but was anxious to get out and get going.

The race started like a lot of them do, with a nice run before any real obstacles.  This is good, as it allows the pack to spread out and avoid any traffic jams.  There were a few small dirt hills before we reached the first constructed obstacles.


The event was held at Firebird Raceway, and part of the course had us running in the lake where the drag-boats race.  The water was about a foot deep and ran for about an 1/8 of a mile.  My lack of cardio conditioning was starting to show, I could tell, and we were only about half way done.  This was were the good obstacles began!

I wore my GoPro HD camera and was able to pull some of these pictures.  The big slide was one of my favorites!

After the water comes the mud!  They had some pretty gnarly mud, too.  Exiting the first mud hole I swear a weighed an extra 20 pounds.  It took me awhile to sling it off before I could continue running again.

By this time, I was sucking wind pretty good (which is sad for only being a 5k race), and I was glad we were heading down the back stretch.  Randy was an animal and was tearing up the track!

With a few obstacles remaining, we finished strong with a course time of 42:47.  Not too bad when you factor in all the mud, water, and climbing.

It was the first time I’ve done the Rugged Maniac.  It was a fun course with lots of fun people.  I think Randy is hooked, and we have a new obstacle racer!  I look forward to running with him again (hopefully very soon).

Even though it was not my best race, and my lack of conditioning really showed, I’m glad I did it and feel I’m back on track!  On to the next one!

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  1. Great post! Almost get’s me amped to try a few of these again before Tough Mudder 🙂 Masks are great…Randy Seems a bit crazy…wondered what really happened while you were comotose during foot surgery?

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