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Zombie Run!!!!!!

Zombie-runYou may ask why I’m posting on the upcoming Zombie Ru,n when we just completed the Spartan Race yesterday. Well, the truth is, it takes a bit to go through all the photos, GoPro video, etc. to get a post ready.  So, while I’m working on that, I wanted to quickly give you some info on the event I am most excited about.  The “Escape the Walkers 5K mud run is almost here!



If you visit, you can find all the gory details.

“Run alone or with your team as you stumble through apocalyptic obstacles while avoiding Zombies of all shapes and sizes. If you survive the gook, guts and gore along this 5K urban mud run, you win the right to survive. If you let the Zombies take your life, then you get what you deserved. Remember, you don’t have to be the fastest person in your group…just don’t be the slowest!”

Sounds awesome, right? Everyone I’ve talked to agrees that this is a cool twist on your normal mud runs. From what I’ve been told, you will be wearing “flags” around your waist (think flag-football).  As you run through the obstacle course, you will encounter zombies that are after your flags as much as your brains.  Your goal?  Stay alive, of course.  Get through to the finish line with your lives/flags to earn your reward, a medal and more importantly–bragging rights!

Wanna be a zombie? They have that option as well.  You can enter the event as a walking dead flag chaser.  Here is what they have to say about the different levels of zombies:

STUMBLER:Zombie run
This Zombie waits around for Runners to cross their path.  These are the lazy (or smartest) of the Zombie family. As this Zombie you’ll have lots of fun and you don’t have to run around chasing those pesky living people

This Zombie pursues runners in hopes of eating some of their life.  A chaser takes lots of rests but can get up to speed pretty quickly.

This is a “Go Anywhere” Zombie with full professional Slaughterhouse makeup. Plus with new Walking Dead contact lenses, you will be the queen or king of the Zombie ball.


So now I have the tough decision to make. Do I register as a runner or a zombie? Either one sounds fun, especially since the event will be held at “The Slaughter House” in Tucson. I’m starting to get freaked out just thinking about it!  Especially after watching their video…

So come join us for the run of your life… literally!

March 23rd, 2013
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Zombie Run

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