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Buckskin Gulch

 (aka 127 Hours, Part II)

I fully expect this to be the most epic trip of the year!  Several friends and I are taking on this 21 mile, 2 day hike through 13 miles of slot canyon.  It’s a very popular hike, and to give you an idea why, here’s a couple pictures of part of the hike. 


So naturally, after seeing this picture, my wife (and most everyone I’ve mentioned the hike to) envisions our adventure ending like this…



Encouraging, right?  Well, I actually feel pretty confident about our safety.  Only 20 people are allowed into the canyon per day (by permit only), and we are going in May, when the chance of rain and flash-floods are lowest.  So no big deal, right?
Well… almost no big deal.  Obtaining the permits actually proved to be an adventure in and of itself.  We needed to secure 6 permits for 2 days.  Quite a tall order for such a popular spot.  Seconds after the permits were available (4 months in advance), the website went down. I would assume due to a surge of die-hard backpackers securing their weekend of Aron Ralston-like adventure.  After many attempts, my friend was able to get through and make the purchase.  Checking back minutes later, the weekend was sold out!
I look forward to an amazing hike, awesome pictures and memories that will last a lifetime.  I’m sure there will be some “type two fun” mixed in as well…. there always is, though hopefully not the kind that involves any arm amputations!


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